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Our services

La Pharmacie du Capitole puts its professionalism at your service to help you in everyday life.


We prepare and renew your prescriptions by advising you on the use of drugs (side effects, pharmacovigilance, drugs, driving...).


We practice antigenic tests against the Covid virus, vaccination and blood pressure in case of doubt or surveillance.


We advise you in dermo-cosmetics.


The Capitole pharmacy in order to protect the environment and protect every person, sets up a recovery service.


We sort sharp, sharp and sharp waste (PCT).


We recover lancets, self-pickers, pen needles, syringes, catheters, infusers and insulin pumps (POD).


We ensure collection, sorting, destruction and recycling. To do this, we provide secure needle boxes free of charge.


We also collect medicines (exated, started, new). We ensure the destruction of expired or non-usable drugs as part of the Cyclamed service. This service ensures the destruction of medicines safely and with respect for the environment. For all drugs that are still usable, we collaborate with an association that sends drugs to the Comoros.


Let's protect our children and protect the planet.

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