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Capitol Pharmacy

Our goal

Through our indications and recommendations for the use of medicines, we do much more than just provide you with medicines. We care about your well-being and we do everything in our power to be sure that you benefit from all the advice for the prevention and use of your treatment. With our experienced staff composed of pharmacists and preparers, we carry out the missions we have set ourselves: Prevention and Care.


We train new students every year by following this same objective.

Opening hours

Your pharmacy is open:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm


Sat: 9am - 1pm and 2pm-7pm


Sun: Closed


Answers to common concerns

The pharmacy is closed, where can I find another pharmacy open in Toulouse?

Here is a list of pharmacies in Toulouse:


For night and on-call pharmacies (Sundays and holidays):


If you need more information, call the number: 118 418 and say "ORDER" to know the on-call pharmacy in your area. ATTENTION this number is paid: €0.80/minute

Can I do an antigenic test against Covid-19?

We carry out antigenic tests, from Monday to Friday.


For PCR tests, they are only feasible in the laboratory...

Can I get vaccinated?

We carry out vaccinations in pharmacies. For Covid-19, vaccination sessions are by appointment while for other vaccines, you can come whenever you want by avoiding Saturday, the opening of the pharmacy (9:00 a.m.), lunch breaks (12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.) and closing. Arrive at least 20 minutes before closing.

Can I return products purchased in pharmacies?

As a safety measure, we cannot accept the return of pharmaceutical products once they have left the pharmacy. However, if you have any concerns about a defective product, please contact us and we will find a solution.

Contact us

18 Pl. du Capitole, 31000 Toulouse, France Angle rue du Taur et rue des Lois

05 61 21 60 18

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